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Since 1998 Machines in Motion, Inc. has been selling, installing, and training CNC machine shop employees on the Centroid controller. Previous to this Doug Laursen, president, had been working as chief technician for a major CNC machine tool company. “I quickly became aware of how many shop owners needed new CNC controls on their otherwise good machinery.” It just made good sense to keep a perfectly serviceable machine if the CNC control could be updated. This was particularly true during the days of paper tape communications (300 baud), small memory storage, and slow processing. These issues were very limiting factors and shop owners demanded better. Many customers prompted me to leave my employment and care for their machinery as an independent technician. This was the start of Machines in Motion, Inc.

Since then, Machines in Motion has installed over 450 Centroid cnc controls plus the sale of many new machines. It can be exciting to see what some shops are doing. I love speaking with shop owners, engineers and IT types. It’s very educational.

My biggest fear in starting this business was approaching a saturation point where service work would consume all our time. Happily this has not been the case. The reliability of Centroid  CNC control products has added tremendously to our reputation. We are not getting rich off service work. This means we have more time to sell and install new controls.

Working with many machine shops has positioned us well for new machinery sales. Customers already  know and trust us. The CNC machinery we represent include the Centroid CNC controller making it a great fit for our customers and Machines in Motion, Inc. We also recognize that some shops require the very best mills available to cut their exotic materials or shapes. The Agma line of High speed machining centers is a heavy weight contender to satisfy these very selective customers.

Machines in Motion, Inc. has grown significantly over the last 18 years. Today we are offering our CNC control upgrades and Machinery on-line. Sometimes it can be the simple things that make us stand out. You can always phone Machines in Motion to speak with a knowledgeable technician. While it’s impossible to ALWAYS pick up the phone in person, we try very hard. If you do have to leave a message know that someone will respond shortly. The same holds true for any emails we receive. If you do not receive our response within 24hours – call us. There is a good chance the internet has misplaced your email. It happens.

Machines in Motion, Inc. wants your business. Given the opportunity I believe you will be very pleased with what we have to offer.

Doug Laursen
Machines in Motion Inc.
(714) 528-7061


I am Doug Laursen, President of Machines in Motion, Inc.  I like to run my business from a customer's point of view. I have chosen 3 major points in considering the the machinery I will present here. Price - Quality - and Ease of use. The Atrump line of CNC milling machines fit this profile very well. Read more . . .Machines in Motion CNC machinery


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Many other sizes are available including large format double column cnc milling machines.

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