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After many years of CNC machinery sales Machines in Motion, Inc. has put together a prime selection of milling machines that we are comfortable delivering most anywhere.  This only works for us when the machinery is so reliable that we will not be needed on-site for after the sale corrections. Machines in Motion stands behind every machine we deliver. If you need us, we can be there to handle any issues you may be experiencing. After 18 years it is our experience that all will run smoothly. To insure this, we have been known to power up a machine prior to shipment. Machines in Motion, Inc. can put your machine through several hands on tests right in the warehouse. You want everything to run smoothly and so do we.

Other dealers want you to phone them before they will provide you with a price. This is when their high pressure salesman will talk you into whatever they have on the floor that day. I do business a little differently. As a top tier dealer Machines in Motion has a full warehouse to select from. Our pricing is listed on each machine specification sheet. Just click on a machine photo for that specific pdf document.

Available Options
Machines in Motion does not try to up sell our customers.  If your business requires digitizing, Scales feedback, or a rotary table we have these options available for you. These can also be added at any point down the road. Our goal is to satisfy your needs today, then be here for you in the future to provide additional features as your business grows. Our literature also provides you with a list of available options. I never figured out why some dealers try to hide this. If your machine requirements include something not shown in our literature please take a moment to contact us. There is a very good chance we can satisfy your special needs.

Setup and Installation
Machines in Motion, Inc. can provide our customers with on-site machine installation, setup, and control use training. Many customers are of the Do it Yourself type and this is fine with us. On-line videos provide our customers with everything needed to unpack and level your new machine. For those who desire on-site services you’ll find our prices significantly lower than our competition.

Phone Calls
Our phone is our primary connection to new customers. It is our goal that someone here will answer your call the first time. You will need to select a department to direct your call however, this is primarily in place to filter out computer generated robo calls. We want to speak with you and a sales technician is frequently available to answer your questions. If we are busy helping others when you call please leave us your contact information. Someone will return your call shortly.
Toll Free (877) 733-5500

After the sale Technical Support
Machines in Motion customers receive free technical support for the life of their machine. Either by phone or by email. We are available to answer your technical questions regarding any machine or CNC control you have purchased from us.  No annual fees or auto payments. Toll Free (877) 733-5500

Machine Shipment
Shipment of your machine is simply another business expense. We can’t offer “free shipping” because freight haulers are in business to make a living just like you and me. We DO shop around to locate the best rate for shipping your machine. If your boss requires “free shipping” let us know and we can roll it into the total price.

Need to know more?
Most websites post an FAQ page to restate what they want you to know. Our FAQ page is actually generated in response to customer questions. If we didn’t make something clear we will handle the issue in our FAQ. Please, don’t hesitate to ask us anything. Toll Free (877) 733-5500

Other machines available
Beyond what you see on this site Machines in Motion, Inc. has many other machine configurations available. Custom built machines can also be quoted. Given a chance, I believe you will choose Machines in Motion, Inc. as your CNC machine tool supplier.

Doug Laursen
Machines in Motion Inc.
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I am Doug Laursen, President of Machines in Motion, Inc.  I like to run my business from a customer's point of view. I have chosen 3 major points in considering the the machinery I will present here. Price - Quality - and Ease of use. The Atrump line of CNC milling machines fit this profile very well. Read more . . .Machines in Motion CNC machinery


CNC milling machine by Machines in Motion, Inc.


Many other sizes are available including large format double column cnc milling machines.

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